greyhound sabaSaba – GHOST 

Birthdate – 7.4.2016

This beauty needs a hero!

This stunning 4th of July boy is a soft and sweet Blue Brindle with the cutest ears ever! Ghost is unsure and fearful of most people. A quiet home with very loving human(s) – probably a female, would be ideal for him. Saba Ghost does not care for most men at this time. He is overwhelmed by more than a few people near him. He will take time and patience to feel comfortable, but when he does be prepared for amazing love and loyalty! Experienced greyhound people would be best for him.

When he does earn someone’s trust he stays close and is very interactive and loving. What a LOYAL and dedicated greyhound he becomes! His recovery caregivers call him Ghost as he is hauntingly beautiful and a bit of a spook. 🙂

“Ghost is fearful of people until he learns that they will not hurt him. He needs a special home that will truly appreciate his loyalty and love once he trusts you. He is truly amazing!” – Lori, onsite caregiver

You can read about Saba’s story here.






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