Selecting Your Greyhound

Greyhound adoptionThey are ALL beautiful and are ALL amazing and special… so how to decide? The Adoption Team will help you with that!

While it’s true that Greyhounds sleep a lot and are couch potatoes, some of them REALLY LOVE to play! Ball, fetch, tug-of-war, and ZOOMIES are the delight to many a hound! Others.. not so much. It’s also important that greyhounds have toys that are made for large dogs and of good quality material.


Once in awhile a tall fenced yard is the optimal situation for an active greyhound, while most of them will do fine with a few good walks a day. In our opinion, greyhounds and dog parks are a potential disaster. Their thin skin can easily be a trip to the Vet when romping with unknown dogs… not a safe idea.


When selecting your new FURever friend, understand that the Adoption Team takes greyt care to know the characteristics and personalities of each grey and will work hard to ensure a beautiful match!
The greyhound you think you want may not be the best choice for your lifestyle or the greyhound. 

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