Sensitive Rory

florida greyhound adoptionRory – FOSTERED & thriving!

Birth Date: 2.1.2014

Rory’s story is not a very happy one so far, but the right person will change all that! This beautiful sweet fawn was returned to RDRP after being in a home for 4 months and it did not work out.  His former environment being noisy and smaller most likely led to his unhappiness there. Rory is a soft-hearted guy who LONGS to be back in a laid back home. He likes to spend most of his time lounging and quiet  walks, being talked to and petted. He has some sensitivity to loud noises and sudden movements. Rory is a lovely boy who is longing for a loving and patient person who understands that he has some anxiety issues that he needs help managing. He will need some space and understanding to figure out who he is and a human that truly desires to see him flourish. He is pensive and understated… a wonderful boy!

Update*** 12.19.18
Rory smiled and ran in the playpen today! He was also engaging with the other greys. One of our volunteers sat with him for a long time this week and gently massaged him and talked to him. When she got up to leave, Rory reached out his paw to ask her to stay! He is starting to look some of the volunteers in the eyes and engage. Rory just needs YOU!

Imagine life with a retired greyhound…

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