Simon is Unavailable! 

Birthdate – 9.24.2016

Weight 78 lbs

Simon says “Be my best friend,” and one should happily do just that! What a sleek, elegant and confident greyhound. Simon is a BIG TALL beautiful greyhound who LOVES to play with his ball and his humans! This guy has PLAY-drive NOT prey-drive!

He is spunky, curious and zesty! Simon makes eye contact beautifully and is very loving. He is seriously SMART!

A decent sized yard with a 6 ft fence and experience in handling large dogs is ideal!

Simon says “No cats and no small dogs please!, I might accidentally step on them until I am trained!”

Imagine life with a retired greyhound…

Can’t adopt a greyhound right now but would love to help Simon?

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Simon is being lovingly sponsored by Jackie Wellington




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