Snazzy Snickers

snickers greyhound florida ready for adoptionSnickers- Adoption Pending!!!

Birth Date: 04/07/2015

This little girl has the gift and ability to bring laughter and happy faces to everyone around her.  She quickly accomplishes this with a small smile that grows into a wrinkled up, crinkled nose, and then a full teeth grin… she Snickers, thus the name, and it is beyond comical!

We should also note that she is the color of that sweet creamy caramel in the candy bar with the same name, Snickers, and she truly is as sweet, nutty and satisfying too!

Sometimes we fondly call her Snickerdoodles, like the cookie, just because it’s fun and so is she.
Snickers is a very nice girl with a happy disposition that is certain to be a wonderful addition to your family.
We WILL get a photo or video of this darling girl smiling, or you can check her out yourself the 2nd Sunday of the month at our open house from 1-3 pm. See the event calendar for more information.

Imagine life with a retired greyhound…

Can’t adopt a greyhound right now?

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