Spring Clean Up!


We’ve got a bunch of stuff To Do this spring,
from Grounds Maintenance to Adoption Center sprucing up.

We want to get the grounds ready for the Tree Guy to come out and take care of
that big pile of branches, and cut down some dead trees.
So, come on out ‘cauze in the meantime, we’re gunna have a…

Spring Grounds Clean Up

Sunday, March 24th.

8:30 am to 12 pm

Bring your rakes and pitchforks, bags, gloves and boots. If you’ve got a sickle that’d be greyt. Someone with a pickup truck would be awesome. There are piled up branches to be gathered and moved, leaves to be raked, fences to be de-vined, rocks at the end of the kennels need to be raked and much much more.

We will have a # on the gate to text when you arrive to open it.

Oh, and the Adoption Center needs attention too.

We’ve got a score of chores that need to get done this spring!

Fans need cleaning, kennels need power washed, and some general chores that will be listed

in the Adoption center that you can do anytime, you are here.

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