Sterling Cuff with Greyhound Auction

A wonderful auction with a marvelous piece of jewelry art!

This 7-Day auction will close next Wednesday: View and bid here!
Our large sized “Dave” adorns a triangular hunk of labradorite on a hammered sterling cuff. Very noticeable!

If London’s story doesn’t tug on your heartstrings, maybe his photograph in the auction will:
“In November of 2017, a beautiful and charismatic fawn greyhound arrived at Racing Dog Retirement Project. We named him London because of his adorable ears that flip-flop and fall down like the famous bridge in England! He is calm, cool and collected with enormous love in his heart, but we noticed something wasn’t quite right with his eyes. An Ophthalmologist confirmed that London has Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), a genetic eye disorder that will eventually lead to blindness.

London still has time to discover the “lay of the land” before he can’t see it anymore and will thrive on the love and comfort a new home will provide.  He takes Ocu Glo, an eye supplement daily in hopes that it will slow down the inevitable. He is in good spirits and we are hopeful that a special person will adopt him before he is completely blind. London will be 3 years old this September.”

He’s not even three years old. Blind dogs can do very well- especially with a companion greyhound to guide them.

This piece is beautiful… own it! 

Northcoast Greyhounds Presents:
This Sterling Cuff
Featuring NCG’s “Dave” On Labradorite
Honoring the Racing Dog Retirement Project
Sterling Cuff Bracelet with GREYHOUND!
Ends Next Weds June 6th!

Your high bid in this auction will help to cover London’s necessary medications.

And maybe, just MAYBE, this auction will help find London a permanent home!

Thank you Northcoast Greyhounds!

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