Stormy’s Toe

stormy greyhound

Stormy and his Toe

Sweet and sensitive Stormy was holding up his paw and was experiencing  pain. Our RDRP volunteers were very concerned and Stormy was taken to the Vet to see what the problem was. The xrays showed that the nail was protruding caused by an injury and a part of it is still in his foot so the toe needed to be amputated!

Stormy is doing well with the help of one of our terrific volunteers and her mother who lovingly stepped up and decided to FOSTER and care for Stormy after his surgery. They say he is a really sweet guy and should recover beautifully. 3 cheers for FOSTER families!!!

Fostering a greyhound can provide the possibilities for medical treatments and necessary procedures, socializing, love and showing the grey how to live in and be successful in a homejayna greyhound environment.

We need fosters to prepare our kidz! Fostering also allows more space for more greyhounds to be able to come to our facility and ultimately find GREYT homes!

Will you fall madly in love with your foster hound? YES, YES, YES! And you will be that proud parent who assists them on their way to a long happy life in their furever home.

** Update – Stormy had his follow up today after having his toes amputated on Wed. Dr. Cohen was pleased with his progress. Thanks to the TLC Stormy is getting from his foster family Jayna (an outstanding RDRP volunteer) and Jayna’s mom Mary, Stormy will be fine. Again, this is why we need foster homes like Jayna’s.

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