Today Is Giving Tuesday

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MATCH starts on 11/27 at 8 am est and ends at 11:59 pm or until the $7 million runs out… first come, first served <3
We are reaching out to you all to participate to help the Greyhounds!  This #GivingTuesday we are raising money for Racing Dog Retirement Project and your contribution will make an impact in the lives of the greyhounds, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. And on Giving Tuesday Nov 27, Facebook and PayPal will match a total of $7 Million in donations. You can continue to give until the end of the year as part of your year end giving plan. The Racing Dog Retirement Project (RDRP) is an all-volunteer 501(c) (3) organization dedicated to the protection, rehabilitation, and adoption of retired racing greyhounds. We are committed to the preservation, fair treatment and acceptance of retired racing greyhounds as a family pet, and have carefully placed 1000’s of greyhounds into loving homes.

Here is what RDRP will do with your much appreciated donations-

Our 5 acres, Adoption Center and many fenced ares for the greys need continual maintenance and upkeep for the safety and and well-being of the greyhounds. From the mortgage to the electricity, our expenses are never ending. RDRP provides good quality food and treats, as well as quality beds, winter coats and more. First rate medical care from the moment they arrive to their full procedures (spay/neuter/dental/blood work, parasite treatments,etc.) upon adoption. RDRP can house 25 greyhounds on a contiinual basis with liscensing for another 10 should an emergency arise. Then their are the much appreciated foster home that lovingly fill the needs for even more greyhounds.

Thank you, we appreciated every kind gesture for the greyhounds!

To contribute to our campaign with the potential of having your donation matched, please visit our fundraiser on Facebook this Tuesday, November 27, 2018, at the link below:



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