Trixie the Pixie

trixie greyhound floridaTrixie

Birth Date: 8.3.2016

Sweet Trixie the Pixie. Oh how can you resist those adorable ears? They just let you know she is on high alert. This beautiful, dark brindle girl is in a foster home with another greyhound, where she is recovering from a broken toe and they are working with her to help her with her shyness  and fearfulness. She does not like loud sounds or sudden movements and will retreat to her bed, which she likes to have in a corner. She loves having another dog around her, big or small. It seems to help her confidence level to have another friend to help lead the way. She loves snuggles and belly rubs in the mornings, and loves her walkies anytime!!

She would do best in a quiet peaceful home with another dog but without small children, with experienced greyhound pawrents that will have lots of time and patience with her as she learns her new surroundings and becomes more comfortable with her new life.

Trixie is learning how to deal with her loud noise sensitivities and to not startle so easily. Her foster mom says she loves cuddles, people and walks usually on her own terms. Life is still a bit overwhelming for her but she is learning.



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