Vivacious Valentino

Valentino greyhound adoption FloridaValentino – ADOPTION PENDING!!!

Birth Date: 02.02.2015

It was his destiny to be named ….Valentino. When newbie Greyhounds arrive at our Adoption Center and it coincides with a popular holiday there will most likely be one lucky pup named for the holiday itself. Of course there must be some additional connection between the holiday name and the greyhound such as in appearance or personality. Like the dreamy screen idol, Rudolph Valentino, our boy can make his fans swoon or faint after gazing into his hypnotizing piercing eyes. But that is not all the matinee idol and greyhound idol have in common together. Both Valentinos know how to wear and flaunt a well-fit Tuxedo. This sleek black male is dressed all in black with Tuxedo white fur accessories placed all over him. You will catch sight of his helicopter tail pretty quickly when you spot him from afar in one of our play areas. When you join him in there he will engage you with those dramatic eyes, become all bubbly when you call his name, and run into your arms. That is what a “Valentino” does while simultaneously being extremely attentive, in truth downright cuddly. This exuberant, spunky guy does have a bit of a mysterious side. There is a mysterious air around Valentino one that he is keeping deep down and quiet inside until he can open his heart to his one true love. Rudolph Valentino was always left searching for his true soul mate. If you are reading this Greyhound Valentino wants you to know he is still searching too. He will love you to pieces.

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  1. Beverly Kennedy

    Love Greyhounds and have had three greys. We are hoping to adopt a female that is cat friendly and housebroken. We constantly check our local Humane Society in Sebring, but so far no luck. We would appreciate finding out what us available at RDRP so that we can make the trip over to Sarasota.

    • RDRPAdmin

      Our available greyhounds are listed on the website. Only a grey who has been, or is currently in a foster home would be housebroken. Our application and our adoption process are on this website for you to read.

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