Want to help change the lives of greyhounds & be a part of our RDRP family?

We welcome your smiling face and open happy heart!

We always welcome new volunteers to be a part of our important and meaningful team. We are a 100% volunteer organization that relies completely on the generosity of our volunteers and supporters 365 days a year!

Racing Dog Retirement Project has no paid positions and is run entirely by volunteers. An RDRP volunteer has the rare opportunity to interact with and help take care of our Greyhounds here at the Adoption Center or outside the facility. Each opportunity brings a unique perspective and has many levels of satisfaction.

Many of our volunteers have worked in greyhound adoption or care for many years and joyfully give of their time out of love for the dogs and their commitment to finding them loving homes where they can thrive. We also have many volunteers who are NEW to greyhounds and volunteering and they are doing an excellent and fulfilling job! All levels are welcome and appreciated!

RDRP has a caring, confident and loving approach to all of our valued volunteers and we could not exist without you! We have 25 spacious indoor/outdoor kennels and are often full to capacity so your time commitment will vary depending on the number of greyhounds, your skills or interests and your schedule.

The more the merrier ~ Go Team Greyhound!


Here are a few of the ways that you can become involved. We currently need assistance in the following categories:

  • Be a part of a Meet & Greet Team-
  • Fostering
  • Feeding Crew AM & PM 
  • Inside or outside kennel cleaning AM & PM 
  • Walkers – Socializing – Grooming – Playmates
  • Greyhound Appointment Transport
  • Grounds Maintenance – Gardening
  • Creatives and Techies

Feeding Crew AM & PM

Breakfast – 8:30 am & Dinner – after kennel cleaning starting at 4:30 pm. Fill the pails, load the cart and serve the houndies their breakfast or dinner! Greyhounds LOVE food (who doesn’t) and they LOVE the one that feeds them! This opportunity involves set-up, feeding, pail retrieval and love time (feed the tummy-feed the soul) washing the dishes and keeping the feed room ready and tidy. Distribution and recording of medication, adding supplements, or special foods (pumpkin, rice, etc.) are also part of the feeding team.

Kennel Cleaning Crew AM & PM

8:45 am mornings and 4:00 pm evenings.
– Cleanliness and sanitation are crucial for the health of our hounds! This position involves scooping of the doggy doo-drops, the spraying of disinfectant, rinsing & filling the water pails, rinsing down the entire outside run with water, and walking the pen yard looking for those “Easter eggs” to scoop and dump in appropriate container. That’s the technical part. The goodies are greeting the hound and releasing them into the yard, having amazing conversations with them, teaching them some new vocab “wait, treat, kennel-up” and knowing that they depend on you to make their day nice and fresh!

Inside kennel cleaning is kind of like hotel maid service. Arm yourself with your green cleaning supplies and tidy up! Sweep, spray, mop, wipe off the beds with awesome smelling organic lavender stuff, replace toys with new ones and then go ahead and place that treat on their bed as you leave their room! The greys just love it when you stop in at their place!

Walkers-  Socializing – Groomers – Playmates

Grounds walkers and inside playpen walkers, socializes, playmates
8:45 – 12 pm and 4:00 – dusk

What a greyt way to spend some time! You can pair up and walk the beauties outside the pens on our lovely trails once approved, OR, you can come out alone when our caretakers are in house and walk/groom/love in our expansive fenced areas.  Our grounds are attractive and offer plenty of shade. Our greyhounds always enjoy a walk around the property and the chance to stretch their legs and spend some time with people.

greyhound care

It’s good for the greys and lasting friendships can develop quickly between humans too!

Spending one-on-one time with individual greyhounds helps them become accustomed to meeting new people so they will be more confident and outgoing when potential adopters come to visit. Talking to them, grooming them, reading to them or just sitting with them offering them a loving hand improves their lives.



We would just LOVE it if some outdoorsy type wanted to hop on the super great lawnmower and take a spin or 50 around the property! It’s the perfect chance for city folk to get their country on! Our weed eater is always hungry, trimming trees and bushes, gathering and cutting fallen branches needed often! Our nifty golf cart makes much of this easier.

It’s a Greyhound Paradise.

Grant Writing –

We are an all-volunteer, not for profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the care, rehabilitation and to finding adoptive homes for retired racing Greyhounds. We rely on donations and for our more expensive projects sometimes we need grants. If you are a grant writer or know one that may be able to assist us, please contact us. We have several projects that need funding, a Grant Writer can help us acquire just that.

Be a part of a Meet & Greet Team

Do you love talking about greyhounds? Enjoy being around people and educating them about this amazing breed? Then you may be perfect for our Meet & Greet or Event Team!

Join our team of dedicated owners and volunteers and learn how to help people get paired with their next FURever friend. Our Meet & Greet crews educate about the breed and teach others about RDRP’s mission. You are certain to make some GREYT friends too.

Check the calendar for current locations, dates and times to see if they fit in your schedule and then get in touch with us!

Do you own a venue or know someone who does that might enjoy hosting a Meet & Greet or an event for RDRP, let us know!


Short term 12-14 day medical fosters are needed now! Help a hound heal after their spay/neuter. Health safety and well being are what’s important here. 

The need for foster families is of GREYT importance at RDRP. We are currently in need of trained foster homes for emergencies, bounces or injuries.

Fostering is a lesson in unselfish love and will give back to you and your family many times over.

If you are interested in learning more please see our Fostering page.

Creatives & Techies

Calling all bloggers, social net-workers, marketers, illustrators, photographers, film/video production, artists, crafters… you get the idea! We love ideas, input and action! Let us know what sparks your creative side!

We need your help 7 days a week 365 days a year

Whenever you can fit us in, the hounds will appreciate it! Once we get your application we’ll contact you to discuss how you would best fit into our organization. We request a commitment of at least 2 shifts per month.

When new hounds come in, they’re loved, and checked from tip to toe.

Our onsite caretakers spend the bulk of their time at the Adoption Center taking care of the daily needs of up to 25 hounds. You can join their team or any of the other teams! They live at the facility to ensure our hounds safety and well being. With the help of good volunteers every single hound gets optimal care and attention! Much of the work is physical, but with many hands the workload is light.

And remember- 

  • If you can’t adopt, foster
  • If you can’t foster, volunteer
  • If you can’t volunteer, donate
  • If you can’t donate, educate, network and spread the word.


What’s next

If you have any time during the week, or the month just fill out our online application and someone on our Volunteer Coordination team will call you and discuss how your needs, interests and schedule can fit into our organization. We are only accepting volunteers who are 18 years of age or older.

We always need more help so there are plenty of ways you can find a role that fits your schedule and talents.

So, here’s the Volunteer Application. Hounds are waitin!

*****After your Orientation – schedule yourself here

Sign in on the online calendar and fill in your dates for the month if you know your schedule,
be it for one day or many.
If it’s last minute, please text 727-359-9980 before you head out.

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