Welcome to RDRP Volunteer Training

Here are some of the things you get to do
for our amazing Retired Racers as a volunteer.

After your training, you will schedule yourself here-

Sign in on the online calendar and fill in your dates for the month if you know your schedule.
If it’s last minute, please text 727-359-9980 before you head out.

User Name: racing_dog_rescue_project   Password: greyhound

Hands-on training will happen during your chosen shift.

At RDRP we believe all beings need and feel love. So, we take the time it takes to form a bond with them. Every moment of human contact brings them one step closer to their… FURever Homes. At RDRP we believe in feeding both their bellies and their hearts.


YOU are all that they have today!!

All RDRP volunteers are valued, appreciated and loved!!!

There are many “chores” to be done during the day, but if you love it,
it’s not work… especially if you are doing something vital
for someone else’s benefit.

Please, enjoy this morning feeding routine with Lori & Mark

at the Adoption Center with 25 Greyhounds.


Sign in on the online calendar and fill in your dates for the month if you know your schedule,
be it for one day or many.
If it’s last minute, please text 727-359-9980 before you head out.

User Name: racing_dog_rescue_project   Password: greyhound
Password & user name all lower case

Feeding Procedure – go slow & enjoy. They love this part! 😉 

  • Food pails are located in feed room on cart, food is in can on counter with measuring cups inside marked Boys & Girls
  • Food Can holds 1 bag of Fromm, if at bottom of can, refill
  • Girls = 1 ½ cups + 3 count pour from water jug to moisten
  • Boys = 1 ¾ cups + 4 count pour from water jug to moisten
  • Check Whiteboard for medicine or special dietary needs. Administer & record on medicine on the Whiteboard
  • Mark pails for hounds with meds or special dietary needs before leaving feed room – Feed these hounds first
  • Feed hounds in kennel order to avoid confusion
  • Spend a moment patting their head and talking to them
  • Wait for them to finish eating. If some don’t, leave the food until just before you leave
  • Pick up pails and tell each grey how good they are.
  • Return pails to cart, stacking with flat side same direction, place in sink in laundry room
  • Wash then set pails upside down on towel over dryer to dry- no need to towel dry
  • Tidy up laundry room
  • Recover any slow eater’s pail and wash putting all leftovers in Publix bag & place in trash outside or feed pond fish
  • Please do not give hounds to many treats. 1 or 2 per shift is good. Hand them their treats do NOT throw them into kennel

** Remember Sharing Food is Sharing Parasites**
All uneaten food to be bagged and put in outside trash or fish pond

 Volunteering at RDRP is so rewarding.
Greyhounds are simply… the most appreciative beings, we’ve ever known.
One of the many reasons we do this.

It is important to know that when you are cleaning their kennel, you’re cleaning their home. Take the time to do a good job and make sure you’re paying attention to the hound while working. Be respectful of their space and watch over them. Enjoy your time. Take as much time as you need for each hound. Just make sure you spend time loving them. You can pause before you start, you can stop working for a moment and pay attention… just make sure you’re feeding their heart while you’re cleaning their house.

Please enjoy helping the hounds!

Inside Kennel Cleaning

AM – ALL kennels need cleaned thoroughly
PM – Clean outsides, and also insides where needed.
Examine kennel to see what’s needed & check for safety too.
***Need only mop/clean kennels that are soiled for dinner shift
Kennels should be free from debris, urine/poo, toys in good shape, beds clean,
& sprayed with STREAM to avoid getting in dogs eyes/nose


  • PREMIXED Dr Bronner’s Sals Suds, Lavender, vinegar stream, spray low and liberally on floor & 2 squirts on bed
  • Spray bottle apple cider vinegar
  • 1/4 cup Baking soda in pail water
  • FULL Mop pail & mop
  • Small black bucket with water only and washcloth for beds
  • Broom & dustpan
  • Treats- only ONE place on bed

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to handle large dogs
  • Maneuver a mop pail & mop
  • Bending



  1. Enter kennel after hound is outside and outside cleaner is ready with gate latched
  2. Remove toys if soiled to bottom cart or set ok toys on cart to return to bed.
  3. Set bed vertically up against wall
  4. Sweep floor 
  5. Spray PREMIX cleaner generously and on stream low on floor, few squirts on bed. Use DAMP cloth wash tube & bed, dry if to moist.
  6. DAMP Mop entire floor with a little baking soda in water and Mop least to most soiled first. Do not over-saturate the floors with water. If you can see urine puddle – spray and MOP wall & floor 1st, rinse mop  then continue. 
  7. Return bed where you found it and return toys to bed and 1 treat. YELL to outside cleaner that you are finished.
  8. Sweep areas in front of kennels to remove debris
  9. Replace water and baking soda every 3 dogs or when dirty
  10. Replace soiled toys with clean ones when finished with all kennels

Remind outside cleaner to keep their door latched 


Outside Kennel Cleaning


  • Bleach sprayer outside 1 cup per gallon (sprayer is 2 gallon max)
  • Poop scoop
  • Hose
  • Treats

**Note – AM team**
Use about 1.5 to 2 gallons minimum spray solution for boys side w/ 16 dogs,
and around 1 gallon on girls side. Spray low

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to handle large dogs
  • Carry 1 gallon sprayer
  • Bending


  1. Take note to ensure all pen gates are closed.
  2. Turn on ALL misters – front & back. Ask if you do not know where they are.
  3. Gather sprayer/hose/scooper
  4. Greet and pet greyhound and let out. Place sprayer & hose inside, scoop poop
  5. Close shutters in AM – open shutter PM unless storming
  6. Take scooper set to the right of next kennel for next pup & out of the way of bleach water.
  7. Return to kennel shut & latch door (hound MUST remain outside for entire cleaning)
  8. Water Pails – do not move
    Dump water pail and rinse out completely both shifts
    Please keep pails hanging straight to monitor water intake of pups
  9. Spray Kennel Floor – spray LOW, avoid neighboring kennels
    AM – Spray the kennel floor with bleach water focusing on poo/pee areas. Keep sprayer low as to not enter neighbors kennel.
    PM – Spray and clean soiled areas
  10. Fill pails FULL while floor spray is working
  11. Hard spray out kennel floor being mindful of neighbors.
  12. Call hound back into kennel
  13. Continue until all kennels are cleaned
  14. Walk the yard and scoop up all poo
  15. Dump poo in bagged pail & tie off tight when done.
  16. Hard rinse off scooper/paddle and return. Place hose nozzle over holder.
  17. PM cleaners – turn OFF misters!


  1. Sign in on the online calendar 24 hours before you plan to come  or text Lori & Mark

Our calendar is in the volunteer section of our website or go directly to: www.Keepandshare.com.     

User Name: racing_dog_rescue_project   Password: greyhound

Password & user name all lower case

Dogs are fed & kennels cleaning begins @  8:30 & @ 4:30 evening, length of time this takes varies with # of dogs. The feeding/kennel cleaning times which are kept up to date in the online calendar. Please schedule your visit after 8:30 AM, and please finish before dusk.

NOTE- Clean outside kennels first, then feed, then do inside cleaning during winter months. 

Lori and Mark keep an eye out for the dogs for safety. Please use the online calendar when possible or give a text/phone message prior to coming out at 727-359-9980

  1. Sign in on the volunteer sign in sheet. Sign out and total time before you leave. (Total volunteer hours are reported to board and used for matching grants).
  2. Check the white board and volunteer desk for any information on the dogs. Staff may also post information on a dog on its kennel.
  3. Leave a note (on the pad on the volunteer sign in desk) for Lori and Mark regarding any concerns (limps, wounds, fleas, ticks, runny eyes, depression, ticks, blood or worms in stool); you don’t need to report loose stool. Date and write your name on any notes left.
  4. Record information.

Write down anything positive, or concerning you want to communicate about the dog.

We have a binder on volunteer desk with an information sheet (observations of dogs behavior, personality). We keep this information up to date for the adoption team.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts on behalf of theirs
Without you, there is no us.