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greyhound adoption florida
Greyhound Upside Down Model- Sookie

Greyhounds are GREYT!


Yes, greyhounds really are a TON of FUN and yes, they really are this CUTE! They are full of all kinds of adorable antics (noun~ foolish, outrageous, or amusing behavior) and it seems nearly impossible to just have ONE around. Like potato chips.. they are rather addictive! They make you laugh, cry and they are BIG enough to cuddle and HUG!

Yet somehow, and for absolutely NO reason any greyhound lover… or dog lover can fathom, some of these dear souls are here at Racing Dog Retirement Project for quiet awhile!

One extremely handsome gent has been here nearly a FULL YEAR

(shameless promotion of DAN here )



greyhound dan adoption florida

Dan is a real love, loyal, conservative, sincere and very polite. He is obviously gorgeous too. Just hasn’t had that magic SPARK happen yet with the right human! How can this be? He is a BIG fella.. did I mention the big hound = big heart theory?  You really need to see this guy in person, up close & personal to understand.


We have greyhounds in all colors & patterns.. some tiny and sleek 50 pounders and some TALL bigger ones tipping the scales at 85!! They have been with us from a few weeks to almost a year and are 22 months to just over 5 years.

Yes indeed…. we have a houndie for every desire and lifestyle!

So what are you waiting for??? Let the FUN begin!

Fill out the adoption application and then one of our specialists will call you and see where it goes from there!

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