What Adoption Looks Like

Greyhound Gio
Greyhound Gio enjoying his furever home!

Life takes on a whole new meaning for these beautiful boys and girls when they leave their careers and come to Racing Dog Retirement Project. Everything is new and their worlds are turned upside down. At RDRP they are fortunate enough to have large indoor outdoor kennels, nice beds, a good nutritional brand of dog food, treats, toys and a special crew of volunteers to lovingly assist them with their huge transition. This IS a very special and unique breed and for those who know them, the bond is strong and golden!

Looking at these gorgeous hounds and watching them wonder what may happen next is priceless and so motivating! RDRP takes greyt care in making sure the adoption process and potential home is successful and right for the grey and the people involved.

The process has several steps:

Filling out the online application

The initial phone interview  and consultation

Education for new hound folks

The home visit

The Match-up

The medical procedure (Neuter/spay, dental, etc.)

And finally that moment everyone works for… the adoption!

The relationship does not end there…  RDRP volunteers are available to assist with questions and care, and they hope to see as many newly adopted greyhounds and families as possible at Meet & Greets, and social gatherings through out the year!


If the greyhound is lucky enough to have gotten a head start on their new life in a FOSTER home they will have had their medical procedures and learned a bit about home life. It’s an awesome experience for the hound and the human! We are always looking for good foster homes both short and longer term. It allows RDRP to be able to accept more greyhounds at the Adoption Center and obviously it helps the greyhound. Learn more about fostering here.

Adoption is what every houndie dreams of and you can see it in their eyes… they are forever greytful!


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