What’s next?

greyhound florida

When the greyhounds arrive it is an exciting day… just as it is when each one leaves after finding their furever homes!

The new kidz come in having zero idea’s as to what comes next. The look on their faces when they see the BIG indoor/outdoor kennels is priceless. They don’t understand where they are or why they are here. They think our food is weird, the beds are “interesting”, and what in the world are toys?

These truly are the most adaptable creatures on earth, and the adjustment time is precious as they settle in and work things out. Please don’t expect the noble greyhound to act and behave like other dogs… they won’t,, nor should they. The “blossoming time” may be months to a full year or more and every step along the way is reason for smiles and joy! It’s all worth it!

There is nothing like a retired racer to bring happiness and sheer delight to your home.

These kidz are seriously special! 

We are always in need of all the support we can get to help the greyhounds be happy, healthy and safe!

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