Wondrous Wolfgang

Greyhound adoptionWolfgang – ADOPTION PENDING!!!

Birth Date: 06/19/2015

I am Wolfgang…. hear me Roar! Well at least “Roo”! I am strong and have the baddest ears! Wolf-like ears…..all the better to hear you with. Feel free to stare at my Wolf-like ears. Although  I am temporarily staying here at the RDRP Adoption Center (which makes me a bona fide Greyhound) my super cute appearance is just fine with me. Whatever attracts my future parents over to my kennel to take a “look see stroll by” – I will flaunt it. My dramatic dark facial covering, tall sharp pointy ears, and sleek brindle body makes me a standout in a Greyhound crowd. My tail, as well as my ears, are my best communicators, and just for effect I save my expressive eyes for last. Come touch my dark fur on my very intelligent face. If by chance you thought of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart when you read my name you guessed it! Interesting, edgy, over the top happy, and a tad bit quirky… that’s me! I am nicey nice too with lots of energy. I am The One and Only – Wolfgang!

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